2 Days
2 Days Gallipoli and Troy Tour from Istanbul
Gallipoli and Troy Tour is everyday departure from Istanbul,2 Days Gallipoli and Troy Tour is an easy way to visit Gallipoli Battlefields and Troy Ancient City. Troy is one of the most famous cities in the history, remembering us Hector, Achilles and Achaean Greeks, the sake of Helen, Paris, Agamemnon and Priam. Its story is written in every language, Trojan heroes, Achilles’ heel and Odyssey became figures in poems. From Alexander the Great to Lord Byron, many important figures of the history stood on the site of the great heroes. However, people always wondered whether the Trojan War happened or not, or if there was really a wooden horse or not.
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Gallipoli Full-Day Tour from Istanbul
Gallipoli Full-Day Tour departure is everyday from Istanbul, The shores of Gallipoli are intensely significant to Australians and New Zealanders (ANZACs), and in recent decades they have seen a real healing and reconciliation between Australia, New Zealand and Turkey. This now serene site, located at Turkey’s most westerly point, plays a crucial role in the travels of both young and old people, just like it did in 1915 for the allied forces.
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